FrostBite3 Editor Tools (Unofficial)

"EA dropped mod support from their games almost a decade ago, long before they adopted the Frostbite Engine as their main development tool. For years modders have been asking for access to gain the ability to add to the Battlefield games. Well, rather than gain access to the engine, one coder’s made their own engine that can edit Frostbite-compiled levels. CaptainSpleXx has made an engine we can load in data from Frostbite maps. Within his editor he can then make alterations, moving and deleting buildings, changing textures, and, most importantly, recompiles the maps so they can be played in Battlefield 4. His engine tricks Battlefield into receiving the altered map files, making the game think it’s an official patch. From there, on private servers, CaptainSpleXx is free to play his modded maps."

~PCGamesN 2015

What does that mean ?
This means the project is not done discontinued. The Core layout is done and extracting data works 99% at the time. Smashing all the extracted (modified) data back together works as well. This means all data can be modified in some way and applied to the Game you are working with. The principle of modding.

Data can be modified in some way ?
Changing Images (Textures) with Photoshop or Creating Geometry (Mesh) inside Blender is not a big deal, but this is far away from the extracted data.

The Frostbite Engine is not simply storing information in common Filetypes, No! The guys at DICE invented more efficient ways to store data by creating their own.

This means data needs to be analysed and converted. A proccess that can take days or months. Generally that's not the problem. The problem is: not one, two ... dozens of data, nobody really knows what it is and its takes time to find out.

What can it be ?
The Frostbite Engine is used by multiple Games, so the modding community (without modding tools) is big.

We have Experts out there and they have contributed:
- Textures @dainiuxxx
- Mesh -> (Geometry like Players, Objects...) @dainiuxxx & @shakotay2
- Sounds
- EBX -> (Health, Position Of Objects, Rate of Fire, Events...) @Frankelstner
...this is cool but not much. We don't really know how the terrain or animation tracks work.

This editor gives the opportunity to extract and apply data... 
And if anyone who is talented would contribute, we will have a working editor with a bunch of features soon!

Latest changelog:
-Simple External EBX Tool (20-Aug-16)
-EventGraph-Viewer Core-Implementation (25-Apr-16)

-Map Editor Direct3D Matrix to OpenGL fix (28-Feb-16)
-Map Editor Apply data (26-Feb-16)
-Map Editor Loading Pre Bugfix (23-Feb-16)
-Compiler Bug fix (22-Mar-16)
-Bug fix (01-Mar-16)
-Map Editor Gizmo (21-Feb-16)

-EBX Editor (tmp, until fix) (29-Feb-16)
-Implementation for NON-CAS patched to base. (20-Feb-16)
-Bugfix (18-Feb-16)
-Full BF4 Server support (17-Feb-16)
-Per Pixel Object Selection (16-Feb-16)
-Map Editor loading (10-Feb-16)
-Mod loader changed (08-Feb-16)
-Core BF4 server support (07-Feb-16)
-Recompile NON-CAS implementation (05-Feb-16)

-EBXCreator returns working EBXFile (16-Jan-16)
-Bugfix (10-Jan-16)
-EBXCreator preparations (24-Dec-15)
-Visual, Cas + NonCas Support update (14-Dec-15)

BF4 Private Servers coming soon!
Don't ask how to join Beta! You will be choosen.
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-Loading Unpatched/Patched resources 82% ✗
-Loading DLC Content (NON-CAS) 85% ✗
-Loading General Content (CAS) 95% ✓
-Extract EBX Files 99.9% ✓
-Modify EBX Files 95% ✓
-EBX Editor 90% ✗
-Extract ITexture Files to DDS 100% ✓
-Modify DDS and recompile to ITexture 99.8% ✓
-Extract MESH Files Geometry + UVs 90% ✓
-Mesh Bone support 0% ✗
-Load Mesh into Editor 99.5% ✓
-Convert Mesh,UVs and Normals to Wavefront OBJ 99% ✓
-Recompile Mesh from OBJ 0% ✗
-Extract Sound Files 0% ✗
-Mod Loader 90.0% ✗
-New Version Alert 100% ✓
-Clone client using Hardlinks 100% ✓
-Apply Modified EBX 100% ✓
-Apply Mesh 0% ✗
-Apply ITexture 90% (CAS-Only) ✓
-Apply Chunks 100% (CAS-Only) ✓
-Axis Aligned Raycasting 100% ✓
-Axis Aligned Bouding Boxes 100% ✓
-Per Pixel Object Picking 100% ✓
-Advanced Raycasting 0% ✗
-Advanced Hit Boxes 0% ✗
-Change Lightning 0% ✗
-Change MouseSpeed 100% ✓
-Object Selection 99.9% ✓
-Object Transf./Rot./Scal. using HotKeys 100% ✓
-Layer support 100% ✓
-Convert EBX to Map Editor 80% ✗
-Modify EBX Structure from Map Editor 85% ✗
-Light support 30% ✗
-Advanced Shading 40% ✗
-Efficient gpu memory management 70% ✗
-Transformation Gizmo 80% ✗
-Occlusionmesh support 0% ✗
-LuaC support 0% ✗
-Enlighten/Staticenlighten support 0% ✗
-Animationtrackdata support 0% ✗
-HKDestruction support 0% ✗
-HKNONDestruction support 0% ✗
-Event support 40% ✗

A working Editor, that allows to modify Frostbite 3 Games as you like.Source: FrostED (Official Frostbite 3 Editor)

Twitter (less active): @GreyDynamics

Run "run_binary.bat" to launch.

This application requires:
>Java Runtime Environment 1.8+
>2GB of free Memory
>OpenGL 4.0 GPU (GeForce GTX 260, ATI Radeon™ HD 5750 or better)

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This tool was originaly developed by CaptainSpleXx and is now maintained by GreyDynamics. So helping this project by contributing would be really nice!

If you’d like to make a donation for all the hard work, I’d appreciate it.

Send me a mail to and let me know under one of my youtube videos.